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with Imogen

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Video One-on-One SessionS

I use the video conferencing platform for all my sessions. If you’ve never used Zoom before you’ll need to sign up for a free account with them and download a piece of software (free too) prior to our session. Details for downloading the Zoom software are below.

At least 15 minutes before our session I will send you a unique Zoom link to our meeting, and all you’ll need to do then is click on the link in the email at the time of our session and it should open up the Zoom software. Please let me know if you don’t have a webcam prior to booking a session.

If you run into any problems with Zoom let me know at

To download the Zoom Software for a Mac or PC click here:

To download the Zoom app on your iOS or Android Device search ‘Zoom’ or ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’ in the app store.

If you need any additional help with setting up your account go to:

Remote Photo Shaktipat Session


Please send a current photo of yourself to Preferably the photo should be a close up of your face shot straight on, eyes open or closed it doesn’t matter. The photo should include your whole head and shoulder/chest area with some space above the head too. Smartphones and/or webcam quality photos are usually fine.


Sit quietly in a space where you won’t be interrupted by anything, eyes closed and relaxed, open and receptive. I like to say – “In your heart give yourself a permission slip to go all the way today!”

The Shaktipat will last for 15 minutes, after which make sure you take at least 15 minutes rest time as it’s really important for integrating.