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Stop and Smell the Roses

Life is such and unbelievable gift, how often do you stop and smell the roses? Appreciate the little simple ordinary moments? Without reference to the past or thoughts to the future.

We miss the beauty of the moment so easily. Ordinary life has become so throwaway, so undesirable. Instead marked with the next glamorous instagram shot, the next big ‘experience’, the next enviable goal. Next next next. We miss the sheer joy of this extraordinary, but divinely ordinary moment.

Whether that moment be filled with anger, joy, sadness or bliss it doesn’t matter. Just the fact we are alive, that we bear witness to all of this. Oh the magnificence that all of our experiencing can be contained in the infinite Self, without limits, without boundaries without right and wrong. All of life in the sweet, immeasurable embrace of existence.

So why do we seek for something other than this? Something other than the beauty of What Is? Why do we put such false limits on how we view life? Where did this obsession with conditions come from?

What if for the moment we stopped. Stopped judging, stopped wishing and wanting things to be any different from how they are. Stopped resisting what is arising, wishing for that, not this. Accept and surrender to WHAT IS.

Oh the sweet joy and peace of this exhale, this ever-changing, yet ever-present, moment of life.

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