“Meeting Imogen is such a bliss. Imogen is a being, an expression of Divine Mother in the most loving and clear ways, and an appearance of Sita, yet beyond all appearances. Imogen is a non-dual teacher, not a teacher of concepts but of direct experience and is-ness. She along with her amazing husband Martyn, offer a transmission of divine light that will shift your consciousness to a higher degree and de-hypnotize you from forgetting who you really are, so it will take you into such an is-ness which both the thinker and the seeker both dissolve into the Self, the heart. I clearly feel like I received at least 10 times the value of the amount to pay for the session. This was very lovely and I feel lighter all over. I highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about increasing their level of consciousness to the highest possible level. If you believe in the power of transmissions, booking a session with Imogen is the most powerful and important transmission you can get. You will never regret it.”

– A.S. | Tunisia –

“I met Martyn about two months ago and signed up for this transmission thing that was offered. I knew about nonduality, the teachings of Maharaj, and have always been interested in that. I did two face to face meetings which we talked and all and got a transmission. Then I did one remote session and felt this great shift. Everything feels so much clearer and having the realization that I’m not the doer and seeing behind the mask of ego, the false self.  Martyn is a great person, right to the point and easy to talk to.  Really grateful we crossed paths.  If you’re on the fence, give it a go. You got nothing to lose but your limitations.”

– J.A. | USA –

“When The Dragon Left

It was the moment when I left the feeling of being an isolated element behind me, and with that also the suffering that follows. It was after the second private Satsang & transmission Session with Imogen. I didn’t know that the ego-thought had taken shape as a little red dragon. But it had. It was kind of small and cute, but poisonous as a scorpion when it felt hurt and threatened, at which point it flew all over the place and spitted out its poisonous fire.

After the second transmission, I bathed in the light for two full days. Then a small command was noticed: “Drink it,  swallow it”. I did. And it seems that the little dragon couldn’t keep its power when it was radiated with this light. Because the next day the dragon had completely lost its power. The tail was folded toward the stomach, the color had turned dark red and the body into a jelly consistency. And now it sank – through the body – and then it disappeared.

That following night I woke up in the Heart. It was swollen and vibrant, and I was so happy that for hours I could not move an inch – I just had to breathe through it. Everything was fresh and new and appeared inside of me. And from this moment on, my life has become a celebration. Thank you, Imogen.”

– L.A. | Norway –

“Martyn is a very skillful teacher and it was a pleasure to work with him. His ability to see beyond my patterns and point me in a clear direction of what I needed to see for myself happened every time I met with him. There was an ongoing shift with each session. He is clear and to the point with no fussing. I felt his complete support throughout our sessions. This was very helpful and exactly what I needed. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

– A.O. | Ireland –