“Shaktipat is a profound blessing for those who are ready to come to the end of their seeking”

What is Shaktipat & how does it work?

Shaktipat awakening transmission as we offer it is an effective and effortless means to rapidly bring about and stabilise enlightenment/awakening. This powerful spiritual technology raises one’s level of consciousness through the transmission of Divine Light. It facilitates the dissolution of the false ego-identity which is the cause of suffering, revealing one’s true nature as unbounded awareness itself – what is.

During the transmission Divine Light dissolves the deluding I-thought – “I am the body”, which is the very foundation of the ego-sense. The Shaktipat that we offer can wake you up to the liberating truth of “I am consciousness”, “I am the Self”.

While there can be no guarantees of enlightenment through a Shaktipat awakening transmission, it can be very effective in increasing one’s level of consciousness rapidly and effortlessly. Some people awaken after a single session, others have taken many sessions.

Shaktipat is also helpful for those who are already in abiding non-duality, continuing to raise their level of consciousness to the freedom of complete Self-Realisation or Unity Consciousness (UC). The Post-UC Shaktipat and spiritual mentoring also helps with the process of integration and stabilisation for those abiding in Unity Consciousness.


Below is a Shaktipat Awakening Transmission video recording for you to enjoy. 

Experiencing this Shaktipat awakening transmission can naturally and effortlessly facilitate, accelerate and precipitate your non-dual spiritual awakening. It’s okay to enjoy it daily and can be used to enhance your meditation or deepen your relaxation.

(Note: This does not replace the full awakening power of one-on-one Satsang & Shaktipat sessions)

Levels of Consciousness

In many wisdom traditions different ‘levels of consciousness’ and ‘stages of awakening’ have been well documented. Furthermore there’s an understanding that there’s more to go even after spiritual (non-dual) awakening becomes abiding, that there are unfolding stages of enlightenment. E.g. from Stream-enterer to Arhat (via Once-returner and Non-returner) in Theravada Buddhism, and from Cosmic Consciousness to Unity Consciousness (via God Consciousness) in the Vedic Tradition is to name just a couple.

We appreciate that ‘level of consciousness’ as a term can be misleading, as from the absolute view consciousness itself has no levels as such. But the relative unfoldment of understanding and conscious experiencing is evolutionary, comprehensible and in some ways, predictable.

We sometimes evaluate someone’s level of consciousness as a helpful means to see where someone is in their spiritual unfoldment.