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Who Do You Take Yourself to Be?

It is supposing that all of this description is actually a prescription. So… if you meditate for X number of years, followed by some big event that leads you to question life, and then followed by walking out of your life, giving up everything and going to live in an ashram… these will equate to…… Ta Da!!

The whole thing is missing the point! Look at who YOU are in this equation. Do nothing else. The actions are nothing, they are of zero importance – find out who you are.

Even the desire or ability to do this looking is in fact a spontaneous action that arises, there is nothing that can be done. But, while you feel that there is a ‘you’ that can do something… focus on finding out who is this ‘you’ that you take yourself to be. Don’t get caught up and distracted by the story of what is happening.

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