End of Seeking - Facilitating Spiritual Awakening with Imogen & Martyn
End of Seeking - Facilitating Spiritual Awakening with Imogen & Martyn
End of Seeking - Facilitating Spiritual Awakening with Imogen & Martyn

“We want you to know that you needn’t suffer and that freedom is possible. We want you to know that true awakening is a very real possibility, and when you’re done with all the dead ends and false starts then maybe you’ll be ready to come to the end of your seeking by discovering the truth of your being.”

– Imogen & Martyn –

Are you ready to wake up?

In the pursuit of lasting happiness some may find themselves on a spiritual path, often for many years, and for many it might seem that the fulfilment they seek is forever ahead of them, forever elusive. It may be that they continue their spiritual practices with a heavy heart, or even abandon spirituality altogether, but all the while the yearning for wholeness and completion persists.


Others may rationalise away the spiritual goal of enlightenment, concluding that it was never possible or real in the first place, or they’ll resort to some mentally constructed notions or comforting thoughts, believing this to be the best that can be achieved. But mere psychological or philosophical positions are insufficient substitutes for lasting peace and happiness, and in the end these strategies can never satisfy.


If you find yourself here then it’s possible that you’re a well-seasoned ‘seeker’. You’ve read all the books, done all the meditation practices, been to retreats, sat in countless satsangs. Or perhaps you are new to spirituality and are simply drawn to the possibility of a life of openness, acceptance, peace of mind, and natural joy. However you came to be here, we are here for those who are finally ready to be done with ‘seeking’ by discovering the truth of their Being.




Since 2016 we’ve been sharing the nature of reality through writing & satsang, and as of 2017 we’re delighted to offer the addition of Shaktipat Awakening Transmissions to our sessions.

As spiritual guides we each have our own different but complementary flavour of expression and style of pointing that supports the realisation and understanding of the awakened view. We generally hold separate one-on-one sessions but our students often have sessions with each of us and we’ve found this can give a well-rounded and grounding experience.


Imogen has a very straightforward, down-to-earth and practical style of teaching and mentoring that is very heart-centered and intuitive based. She focuses on integrating, accepting and embracing all aspects of the human experience, bringing the lofty ideals of ‘spiritual attainment’ back down to a grounded experience of Self. She’s been described as having a quiet, soft and compassionate style that holds space for her students to be as they are, while not being afraid to cut through the crap with a very straight talking, ‘no holds barred’ approach when called for.


Martyn helps people discover their true nature and essential freedom as boundless, ever-present awareness. He draws on many years of study and practice in different traditions and teachings, but ultimately shares from his own direct experience of the non-dual nature of reality. Martyn’s approach is spontaneous and natural and his keen discrimination lends itself well to a penetrating inquiry into the nature of present moment experiencing. Martyn’s approach can be very direct and uncompromising, but always comes from a place of deep compassion and open-heartedness.

“Martyn and Imogen are one of the friendliest and most beautiful couples I have ever met! They are self-realized beings living the TRUTH. Connecting with them has been absolutely meaningful and fun, their warmth and loving presence instantly collapses the ‘distance’ between us, making me open up and relax into BEING…” [READ MORE]

– J.Z. | USA –

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We’re here to facilitate your abiding awakening as well as mentor and support you post-awakening, through Satsang and Shaktipat awakening transmissions.

One-on-one sessions are an opportunity to introduce you to and stabilise the recognition of your nature as non-dual awareness. By identifying and integrating this foundational aspect of your being it becomes an increasing source of ease and freedom in your daily life.

We simply ask that you come to the session with such openness and receptivity as is available to you. That said, the very act of turning up is a good start! It’s also possible that since you find yourself here it may be that there’s already some kind of awakening happening in your life.

Wherever you feel you are, Satsang along with Shaktipat is enormously beneficial to the awakening process. We also offer a Post-Awakening Shaktipat and spiritual mentoring that helps with the process of integration and stabilisation for those already in Unity Consciousness (UC). To receive a Post-UC shaktipat/mentoring just drop us a line when booking.


The first part of a session (Satsang) isn’t structured in any formal way, but the gravity of the context usually leads to a deeper and clearer recognition of your essential nature as freedom and peace. The nature of this type of exploration and inquiry is that often we touch on aspects of conditioning that can be deeply held; identifying ideas and concepts that cause suffering and allowing them to release is part of the process.

Satsang can help confirm the truth of your lived experience, cast aside any doubts, discard the conditioned view, and ultimately integrate and stabilise your awakening.

Shaktipat Awakening Transmission

In the second part of the session we offer a Shaktipat awakening transmission. This spiritual transmission helps to facilitate the abiding recognition of your essential nature. For more information on transmissions take a look at the ‘Transmission‘ page in the main menu.

The Shaktipat is given in the last 15 minutes and is received in silence with your eyes closed. You don’t need to do anything while it’s being given, just sit back and relax, be open and receptive. We recommend sitting quietly for at least 15 minutes afterwards.

Full Sessions – £120

1hr* Satsang & Shaktipat Awakening Transmission with either Imogen or Martyn

*Allow for the possibility that your first session might last longer (1-1.5hrs)

Mini Follow-up Sessions* – £60

30min Mini follow-up/check-in & Shaktipat Awakening Transmission with either Imogen or Martyn

*These sessions are offered at our discretion to existing students who have already had at least one 1hr Full Session

Photo Sessions – £35

15min remote Photo-Shaktipat Awakening Transmission with either Imogen or Martyn

Group Sessions

We offer group sessions with Shaktipat Awakening Transmission for groups of 5 or more. Ask for details

Book A Session

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Full Session

  • 1hr Satsang & Shaktipat with Imogen

Mini Session

  • 30min Check-in & Shaktipat with Imogen

Photo Session

  • Photo Shaktipat with Imogen

Full Session

  • 1hr Satsang & Shaktipat with Martyn

Mini Session

  • 30min Check-in & Shaktipat with Martyn

Photo Session

  • Photo Shaktipat with Martyn

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