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Awakening and Creativity

Spiritual awakening is a bit like the creative process, because when you engage in meditation or introspection or inquiry, if you’re motivated by money or getting you want or anything like that it pollutes the process. It’s more important to be open and to play and be curious, to be intuitive and fearless rather than be wondering what you’re going to get out of it and how you’re going to benefit.

And I’m talking about process here. Because it’s OK to want things and to be motivated and incentivised in general, but any artist or creative will confirm that it’s that mode of play and wonder that opens up our intuition and leads to us deeper truths and greater joys.

Because remember, what’s being sought here is not learning, but discovery. Not achievement, but transformation. So just do it (whatever ‘it’ is for you) for it’s own sake, follow your bliss and discover the truth on it’s own terms.



Exploring present moment awareness.

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