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Is nondual spirituality nihilistic?

Desirelessness, powerlessness, emptiness.

Sacrifice, surrender, formlessness.

Are these more fundamental than, say: fullness, all-possibilities, bountifulness, unboundedness, bliss?

It’s all well and good focusing on the qualities of mind required for the apprehension of silence. But this emptiness is full, this fullness is empty.

All around me I see fullness, I see rich intelligence and abundance manifested.

This Leela may be transient and not what it seems but it’s also a garden of joy. The futility of attachment is true, but what a bounty of appearance, what delightful forms the formless assumes!

This life is thick and dense with wonder. Every glance and glimpse is a living tapestry of beauty. Each moment a masterpiece is created anew, only to be supplanted by another a moment later. Such prodigy, such excess! Incredible, astounding.

Everywhere I look, more and more. An endless parade of impossible delight.

Life is both emptiness and fullness.

This was the Maharishi’s great exposition:

200% of life; 100% silence and 100% dynamism.

We had lost the ground of fullness, the silent source, pure potentiality. Without healthy roots the plant withers. But when the roots are attended to the plant flourishes, blossoms.

The risk of nondual ‘understanding’ is the inner life is cultured and the outer is denied; fullness is viewed with suspicion while the emptiness is idealised.

Both are one. This is the balancing of true nonduality, of unity. Holding the opposites without denying one or the other, refusing to concede to a false dichotomy.

The fullness Is, let it in. Be the boundless space AND the kaleidoscopic dance, both. Where are you not?

“Water the root to enjoy the fruit”

Denying the richness, beauty and wealth of creation is both futile and unnecessary. All is welcome. The Kingdom is founded on the Spirit. the Kingdom is the gift of Life.

Right now as I write I’m sitting in a country garden of exquisite beauty. Birds are flying and chirping, blossom is beginning to burst forth on the trees. The sound of running water whispers in the air. The sun shines its light and warmth, lush green and spring colours are all around. The air is fresh and fragrant.

Yes the boundless silence is the ever-vigilant ground of all, but it also dances in endless variety of expression. A self-created vision of light and life and blissful exuberance.

Aham! I am! I am alive. Aliveness in all its wondrous possibility, Is.

Birds fly, river flows, sun shines, grass grows, blossom bursts. I draw a clean breath and sip my strong coffee. Gratitude pervades my being. This world, this fullness, freely given, is a miracle; an endless, flowing mystery of being and becoming.

Know your Self and the world is yours to enjoy.

200% – you don’t have to choose.

Shiva and Shakti are One, the mystic marriage of silence and dynamism. Fullness and emptiness; reality is a paradox to the mind but self-evident to the awakened Heart.

Don’t hide in the transcendent, don’t hide the light of being under a bush.

Established in Unity, radiate the light of life in all its glory, in all its rich variety and seeming multiplicity. Deny nothing.

The Great Tao, the torrential Grace of the Divine, the body of Christ.

The world is Brahman; Brahman alone is real.

So thank you for this fullness, thank you for this emptiness, thank you for I AM.

Who am I thanking? Who am I to thank?

A-ha! The Mystery and the Miracle.



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