The Personal Path

The seemingly simple task of describing a path from ‘a’ to ‘be’ unravels the very notions that uphold the conditioned view. It’s impossible to find a starting point, there’s no beginning. It seems like a cliché but it’s true, any given point is arbitrary, no ‘event’ is original, always there is a preceding moment.

So where could I begin to recount my own path? Was it the day I sat in a white chair and began to meditate in earnest, or the day I first heard the Buddha’s teaching? Or was it the time my mind stunned to a halt over a girl and I burned my books?

The personal story is uninteresting, it’s old news. The present moment is already full, dragging the past around gets terribly cumbersome.

Identify the sense I AM. Abide there.

This is the origin of all experiencing. Give yourself to this, fall in love with this. This ‘I-I’.

This is the Self.

Remain as the Self and all becomes the Self, is known as the Self; there’s nothing but the Self.

Don’t fall in love with fragments and forget the Whole. Rest as radiant awareness.

Rest, because there’s nothing to do.

Abide, because there’s nowhere to go.

Be, because this is what you are.

The wave is the ocean. Atma is Brahm.

Everything is just happening in awareness. You are awareness. Can you confirm or deny this for yourself? Can you reflect on your experience, use your discrimination to test this for yourself?

Notice that this self-reflection and discrimination are happening spontaneously. Awareness is spontaneously knowing itself.

The person goes looking for the person and finds that the person doesn’t exist.

Hahaha. The Cosmic Joke.

It was always awareness knowing itself.

Delusion is like a fog, it lifts. Enlightenment is clarity.

Drop all notions of a path. Trust your own existence and abide as that which you are, in the recognition and freedom of what is.



Exploring present moment awareness.

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