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The Impulse to Spiritual Practice

The impulse to spiritual practice
is the impulse to awaken
so even if practice is wrong
or poor
or difficult
or ineffectual
it’s never misguided,

and in the worst cases
it can be redirected
or transformed
to better express
the core impulse.

All the prayers
and mantras
and chants
are well and good
but the urge
to practice
goes beyond
the limits
and constraints
of any particular method.

So don’t constrain yourself
to one particular
or method
or time
or place.

Less doing
more noticing.

Always return to presence;
this is powerful and profound
yet simple.

Be aware(ness)
always here and now.

This isthe final practice;

beyond this
is abiding simplicity itself
the passing away
of all efforts
of all practice.

Simple Self-recognition
nothing to do.


Exploring present moment awareness.

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