Waking up in the Internet Age

In the age of the Internet the possibilities are endless. So how does this apply to Enlightenment and Self-Realization? What does it take to wake up? #BootstrappingEnlightenment – Take advantage of what you’ve got, don’t focus on what you haven’t. It’s all here for you. Ask us questions in the comments down below…


Okay, so I have this idea I’ve been bouncing around for a couple of years and I thought I wanted to share it with you, and I call it ‘bootstrapping enlightenment’ – hashtag #bootstrappingenlightenment, haha! And the idea is that there’s nothing standing between you and waking up, fully, that can be attributed to things like “I haven’t got enough money” or “this particular teacher that I adore is out of range somehow” or “I’m stuck in a little studio apartment in the boondocks and I can’t do anything to bring about my own awakening”. It’s not true, you can bootstrap it.

You’ve got books, you’ve got Satsang. Hit up a Satsang online, get into that vibe, absorb the energy of Satsang. It really helps settle the mind and open up your own being to yourself; that inner awareness starts to open up in the field of Satsang.

Meditate. Meditations is easy: sit, identify the sense of your own existence, I Am, abide there. Notice… and if your mind flies off, return. That’s it! That’s meditation, so you do that.

You read the books, you inquire, you study, you hit up people for Satsang online. We’re in the age of the Internet, fantastic. You can sit your whole day immersed in the Satsang field, and it’s really powerful, and it really helps the mind settle, it enhances your meditation and enhances your self-inquiry, so you can do that.

And connect with people online, conversations, engage. And follow your intuitive nose on this, don’t trust authorities too much, always measure it against your own intuition.

There’s no excuse and there’s nothing that you haven’t got that’s essential to you, you have everything and everything’s available. So I call it bootstrapping enlightenment. Use it and wake up!


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