Ready, Steady, Wake!

To awaken you have to be ready. But there’s nothing you can do to make yourself ready, because you’re not doing anything, because the you you think you are doesn’t exist.

So it’ll happen when it happens. Not a moment too soon, not a moment too late.

So do or don’t do, it’s all as it should be.

This is not comforting for a suffering ego, I know this.

So do something then, if you want, if you can. If you have choice available to you, use it.

But then you start worrying about whether it’s the right choice or the wrong one. And so the suffering comes, born from duality, doubt and confusion

It’s a miserable existence being an ego. Seeing and living from the deluded view of separation. But there’s so little that stands in the way (that appears to stand in the way) of Reality, Truth, Clarity.

It’s all just a misunderstanding of what and how you’re experiencing. A misapprehension that’s so easily cleared up.

Identify the source of thought. Recognize the origin of seeing, knowing, experiencing. Where are you looking from?

It sounds like a riddle but it’s not. You’re already looking from there, Here, This, Now.

It’s the persistence of a certain kind of thought that muddies the view and your understanding, your experiencing. Or so it seems.

But you are always Here.

Liberation is not the mere self negation of the enlightened “I don’t exist!”, nor the self aggrandisement of the enlightened “I am the universe!”, nor the subtle duality of ‘Union with God’.

Which comes first, I AM or IS?

The Self IS

Atma is Brahm is Consciousness

Brahman alone is Real

The world is Brahman

There is only Brahman




Know this and be free



Exploring present moment awareness.

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