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Many of our words and concepts, we think we know what they mean, when often our understanding hangs short of the great depths of being that we miss. Our recognition stalls at the conceptual and clings there instead of plunging into the open experiential oneness that upholds and contains all.
So words like ‘love’ can be like objects, known and quantified and limited, instead of experienced and recognised as the very ground and essence of our being, the ultimate resolution and fulfilment of all our longing and the very fabric of life itself.
Love is the prime substance, but what do we know of it? When we say “love” do we comprehend the fullness, the all-encompassing quality of it? Not just the feeling or even the action, but ‘that which is’?
God, truth, and love are names of the absolute, the divine. And as love always has its origins in the heart, the inner being, then it offers us a direction in which to travel, it sets our compass straight and true.
Love includes, love swallows up enmity and hate. Love can be strong, but never cruel, never unkind. And although it may be that we fail in love, love never fails us, it’s always available and always forgives. How great is love?!
Love is spiritual gravity.
Love is peace. It resolves to unity, non-separation, and freedom. Love is non-grasping, tolerant and kind. It’s patient and secure in itself. All things come to love in the end.
Love is bliss, love is blessing.
Love is fearless, love is courage.
Love is the sun, it radiates warmth and light and draws all beings into its embrace.
All life is nourished by love.
Love will break your heart and smash your world to pieces, it will crucify you. Love brings a sword. But fear not, love cuts you free.
To live in love is to live in joy and freedom and peace.
But we set boundaries on our willingness to love, we create separation where there is none. We guard our vulnerabilities from each other, we hold ourselves in reserve. We don’t trust enough to love deeply, freely. Our own love is limited by the desire for reciprocity and bound by conditions.
But in truth love is neither given nor received, it’s the fabric and substance of being itself, and we live in and are pervaded by its presence. It’s inescapable and ubiquitous. O blessed love! Love seeks no gain because love is all.
Dissolve yourself in love.
No techniques, no strategies, just fall in love with love.
Love is truth, love is beauty, love is good.
Love is not of mind, love is of heart.
Let love swallow the mind.
Mind finds peace in the heart.
But love will challenge you in all ways and test you, for love’s sake.


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