Seeing Beyond Limitations

The problem of human suffering is the problem of misapprehension. Our ideas about the nature of the world are at odds with the reality of it. The key mistake is that we take ourselves to be separate individuals existing in an objective world. We believe that our sense of I-ness originates in the physical body and in that body is a mind that runs the show.

Suffering arises because the belief that we are the body is to believe that we’re limited and are therefore vulnerable, that we can be harmed in body and mind, and therefore our very existence can be threatened.

With this belief it’s perfectly natural to feel anxious and fearful, and no amount of sweet and empowering affirmations will abate this natural sense of vulnerability, even though it’s based on a falsehood. The end of suffering comes when you discover the truth of who and what you really are.

When the light of reality dawns in you as the direct recognition of your existence as unbounded, ever-present, formless awareness, the fear and insecurity born from the sense of limitation falls away naturally and effortlessly.



Exploring present moment awareness.

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