You Are What You Seek

Why do we practice, why do we seek? Is it to attain or achieve some conceptual goal we call Enlightenment? Or is it to recognise that in every moment of our existence we are inescapably aware, we are here, we exist?

In fact we are awareness itself, we only have to look right now to see the fact of it. There is no path to it, there is only recognition of it; and that recognition is always available now.

Enlightenment is our natural condition, no-one has a monopoly on it, and it is not proprietary. Along the road we can make use of guides and pointers, teachers and teachings; but there is no master key, because there is no door, there is only Openness.

Feel into your natural presence, be aware of your existence. Recognise what is always here and what passes. Remain as awareness, remain as the witness, keep quiet. Thoughts are fine, feelings and sensations too. But know yourself as That which sees them all come and go.

There is a seamless continuity from your silent seeing through all the passing waves that arise in your experience. See it all, notice that you are free from its influence; it all spontaneously comes and goes in its own way. The burden of activity is not yours, you are Freedom itself.



Exploring present moment awareness.

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