Untitled Thoughts #5

Nothing exists in isolation
So many conditions that we take for granted

For any single thing to occur
The existence of a universe is required
And everything that ever was

Funny that

So stay out of it
You’re doing less than you imagine
Nothing at all in fact

What a beautiful day

Of course the universe doesn’t exist
That’s a massive illusion
It’s like every time you go to look for something
Then you find it
But Reality is laying down the tracks as you go

Everywhere you turn
The universe is being created as you look
And destroyed the moment you turn away

If an atom bomb goes off in a dream
And all the flesh from all the bones
Is burned away
And turned to dust
Is that a real explosion?
Or just the dream of destruction?

And are you –
The dreamer –
Scorched by the heat?
Killed by the bomb?

Is this world
A real world?
Or the illusion
Of a world?

Where is it?
Except in your mind

Oh of course
You believe your mind
Is in your body
Which in turn
Is in the world

But is that true?
Is that how it is?
In your experience?

Have you checked?
Have you looked really, really closely?

Is your mind in your body?
Or is your body in your mind?

Advaita says ‘Awareness’
Zen says ‘Big Mind’
Dzogchen says ‘Rigpa’
Taoism says ‘The Nameless’

I say This, Now, Here, I.

Wake up!
You are awake!



Exploring present moment awareness.

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