If you’re serious about self-discovery, if you’re serious about the truth, then you have to be willing to give up everything you think you know. You have to be willing to question and look at every assumption and become like a clean slate. Because untruth and suffering hides under the rocks of unexplored assumptions.

Here the most important thing is willingness, because without it you’re not going to get anywhere, you’re not going to see what you need to see. You’re likely to be precious about some idea or some concept that you hold, some interpretation that you’ve organised your life around. Because coming to see the fullness of your own being is easy, it’s right here. What’s hard is letting go of your attachments, letting go of your preconceptions and your cherished beliefs.

You might say that the maturity of the seeker is somehow measured or exemplified by this willingness to look, to push through their defensiveness around their notions and concepts. Nisargadatta Maharaj talked about the most important quality of a seeker as being earnestness. And this earnestness is that willingness to throw themselves on the fire if they need to.

Of course this willingness is actually how ‘able-ness’ is expressed. Or stated another way, when spiritual ripeness comes about through Grace, the capacity and inclination to inquire into your true nature arises as willingness, earnestness, sincerity. When this occurs only the real, the true, will satisfy your yearning. You’ll find yourself drawn inwardly to abide in your own silent nature. The things of the world will lose their lustre and charm. When Grace descends it’s only a matter of shedding the remnants of false notions and misperceptions.  And quite naturally false ideas and attachments will drop from your Emptiness like autumn leaves.


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